In an increasingly competitive environment, Autocares Serén proposes its filosofia with caution, common sense and honest business, built on its five basic pillars.

Quality Professionalism Comprehensive security Comfort Ecology


We understand quality as the kingpin of our business. We work every day for the success of your trip and oriented to the excellence to achieve maintain your trust.

Professionalism Comprehensive security Comfort Ecology


Our human team is the main asset of the company. Uniformed personnel (according on season) experienced and in constant training, are ready and at your disposal with a single premise: KEEP YOUR TRUST.

Comprehensive security Comfort Ecology Quality

Comprehensive security

This concept encompasses all phases of security. From prevention while driving and hazard situations, to safety in case of accidents and reducing its consequences. To let our passengers enjoy a safe journey, we have invested in: R-80 standard seats, security belts, security arches, double glazing, ABS, ASR, ESP, BAS, EBV, speed control systems and time driving.

Comfort Ecology Quality Professionalism


Very roomy cabins, nice designs and panoramic windows that convey a welcoming feeling from the start. The latest generation comfortable armchairs, folding, sliding and with footrest, provides a comfortable position even on longer journeys. With the help of modules comfort, functional and modern, each passenger can individually adjust the ventilation and lighting of the seat. The discreet ambient lighting when night comes accentuates the cozy ambient of the cabin. Powerful air conditioning guarantee a comfortable indoor temperature in all seasons. And as for entertainment, our coaches have the necessary electronic equipment to enliven the journey and create a relaxed atmosphere, while you can enjoy a fresh beverage. The independent lower part structure of the vehicle is another element that accentuates the pleasant feeling of comfort on board.

Ecology Quality Professionalism Comprehensive security


All our vehicles already comply with European norms Euro III and Euro IV with powerful engines, clean, green and equipped with the EGR and SCR diesel innovative technology. Protecting the environment is part of our responsibilities.

Quality Professionalism Comprehensive security Comfort